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Rentgen Institutes “GalOr X-Ray”

Gal Or X-ray institute specializing in photography of teeth and jaws was established in 1982 to provide documentation tool dental, jaws and mouth.

123We carry thousands of customers in each region Hasharon and a dental center at a high level, excellent quality and service with a smile. The latest machines and the network allows high-level diagnosis and most accurate by your doctor. Photo via device C.T. Helps in the diagnosis towards making implants, surgical extractions and impacted teeth.

There are branches all new machines panoramic digital photography, Tzflomtri and jaw joints all the CT machines Winemaker advanced model of the Next Generation i-CAT cone beam 3D pictures are taken at the meeting and the time of 8 seconds.

Network “wave of light” digital photography makes modern technology towards treatment clinic and advocates the introduction of new instruments and equipment in the world has the lowest radiation results in accordance with International Institute of radiation.צילומים מעניינים

Online wavelength light rays institutes developed software which can view photography doctor immediately required and with the tools that available to existing software detailed diagnosis can not receive appropriate treatment plan required. You can also make an appointment directly by the clinic to a photo that required each Msnifno.

Networking and professional team with a great experience and many years of experience. Our company does not employ skilled workers and industry executives. Light wave arrangement with insurance companies and HMOs, we are committed to provide the professional service and the most reliable, most advanced equipment, please contact us at any time.

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